Casas Pelicano Diet


Invitation to Reclaim and Revitalize your life!


 Our Story:


 A couple of years ago my husband Jochen, and I (Sibyl) realized that we are feeling older than our chronological age.

To experience better health and to recaptive our zest for life we needed to make some changes to our diet and lifestyle.

Both of us were over weight. I was classically trained as a chef; preparing delicious food and desserts has been my passion for over 30 years. Unfortunately, although we enjoyed our food, too often the meals were not in synch with out changing metabolism and nutritional needs. Over time, the pounds mounted and we lost vitality and developed aches and pains that we now know were largely the result of excess weight.


 7 months after changing our nutricion habits in just our diets, Jochen lost 46 pounds ( 21 Kg) and I lost 23 ( 10 Kg) without any change in our activity level ( in other words, NO EXTRA exercise!). We used to enjoy red meat, dairy, eggs and sugar on a daily basis. When we replaced these staples with fish, chicken breast, whole meal grains, fresh vegetables and fruits the pounds slipped away effortlessly.


 We have spent the last 2 years researching current understanding of dietary guidelines. Are you aware that it has now been proven that the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids is CRITICAL for optimizing weight and for improving overall health? Also, industrially prepared foods might cause

health problems; they tend to be loaded with non-food additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, and chemicals which the body does not know how to process. The diet guidelines we have developed take all of this and so much more into consideration. It has been a wonderful challenge for us to apply culinary professional skills and science based informations to come up with natural, healthy and tasty meals that are quickly prepared, appealing to the eye and easy (but totally satisfying) for the digestive system!


Tuna tartar with mango avocado salad
Tuna tartar with mango avocado salad

                                                                                           The opportunity

Oven fried whole Red Snapper
Red Snapper

 If you are ready to make a commitment to improved health we are here to help. Imagine opening up to a new world of culinary options, learning important and life enhancing nutrition information and most importantly, how to practically apply your new knowledge and the skills you will learn. Learning how to make easy, less expensive, healthy and tasty meals is not difficult, in fact satisfying and so much fun here in the tropics!

 My kitchen (and your beachfront guest house) overlook the pool and the inviting, warm, blue-green waters of the Pacific Ocean. Miles of empty beaches beg you exploration!

 In just one week, far away from your normal routine you can rest, rejuvenate, recreate and create new food habits that will serve you for a healthier life now and in the future.

              The program

 The first morning Jochen and I will prepare your breakfast and talk about your goals and food preferences overall. We will discuss any preexisting medical conditions and determine what foods should and should not be emphasized in your new diet plan.

We will focus on healthy breakfast options. From the list we develop you will pick and choose and make your own breakfast for the rest of the week.

 Every day you can count on a light lunch and a main meal at dinner (taking into account your particular preferences). We will spend hours with you explaining the theoretical basis of healthy nutrition.

Twice during the week we will have demonstrations in my kitchen, so that you can learn basics, shortcuts and preparation skills, that will serve your new choices.


 You may either rent a car at the Liberia or San José airports or we can organize a transfer for you. Within the greater region, there are many places to visit and activities to engage in if you would like a break from the beach and we can arrange these for you.


Prices for 1 week:                  


              May 1 - November 30                                          December 1- April 30

                             1 person    $ 645.-                                                 1 person     $ 790.-                

              2 persons  $ 975.-                                                2 persons   $ 1150.-

               3 persons  $ 1315.-                                                3 persons   $ 1490.-

Arrival any day of the week OK

Minimum stay 1 week

 Prices include:

Accommodations in one of our beach side guesthouses that are fully furnished and equipped

with all you need to make breakfast and (healthy!) snacks.

Daily lunch and dinner including nutritional advice and discussion.

One “welcome breakfast” with overview and special information.                                           

Twice a week demonstrations/lessons in the kitchen.

A special day trip to Santa Cruz for shopping and a visit to Guaitil, a little village, famous for

beautiful  pottery  made  according to traditional, Chorotega methods manner.


Not included are drinks and breakfast (we will help you shop for your preferred items).


Cost of airport transfer about:

San José – Playa Junquillal                           up to 4 persons about $ 250.-  (4-5 hours)

Liberia airport – Playa Junquillal                    up to 4 persons about $ 85.-   (80 minutes)